Comb Gully Buttress, Italian, Green & The Curtain

Ken: The winds have been a bit of a feature of the day up on Ben Nevis today. Despite the winds, the day started off clear, and both Niels and I headed up high with our respective teams.

Pete, Ivo and myself climbed Comb Gully Buttress, which gave a series of brilliant steps of ice, the first of which was by far and away the steepest. We topped out under clear skies, but were buffeted a bit until we were back in Coire na Ciste. We then had a quick hit on the Curtain.

On the otherside of The Comb, Niels, Graham and Meirion climbed Green Gully before enjoying a quick hit on Italian Right Hand, which is currently in stonking nick.

One brave team were climbing Orion Direct, and seemed to be making good progress.

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