Equipment maintenance

Equipment maintenance

After three weeks of climbing in the deserts of America my climbing rope has dulled in colour and after any abseiling it leaves hands black with dirt. It has made finding the ends much easier as these are the only section which is still light yellow, but for the longevity of the rope it needs a wash.

Below is my process for cleaning a rope.

Daisy chain the rope from the middle mark making it much more manageable

Rinse in warm water getting any easy dirt removed

Soak in warm water with Tech Wash.

After 5-10min start rubbing the rope together and plunging into the water aka hand washing

Drain the water and soak in warm water for 5 min, do some more hand washing

Rinse in cold water

Lay in the bath to drip overnight

Move to a warm (not hot) place where the rope can dry slowly out of sunlight

How do you clean yours?

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