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Green Gully, Ben Nevis: the never-ending winter!

Winter just keeps on giving! Some climbers, understandably, are keen to make up for lost time, and Stuart is one such climber. Dave was out with him and they made an ascent of Green Gully (on Ben Nevis) and with time to spare, descended No. 4 Gully, before making a swift ascent of North Gully.

The cold nighttime temperatures have kept a few routes, high on Ben Nevis, in good condition and it looks like this will continue until the end of the month. We could see ice climbing well into May this year!

A few other teams also climbed Green Gully and Glover’s Chimney and a few routes on Raeburn’s Wall and Good Eve’s Buttress are still holding on.

We’ve just published our winter dates for 2021-22, so drop us a message if you would like to develop your winter climbing next season.


May be an image of natureMay be an image of natureMay be an image of natureMay be an image of 1 person and nature

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